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2-22-2010  New stuff.
2-22-2010  New stuff.
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2-14-2009  March 14th Show @ Annies
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Original Music.
June 27th, 2010 07:44 PM

Honestly here is the scoop.. Its going to be a LONG while before I put out another original disk. I still love writing and recording and touring, but I've got other things on my plate right now which are taking up too much time for me to focus 100% on a new cd, like spending more time doing fitness activities. See this if you're like me who's started to enjoy walking every morning and during the evenings. Or visit to find out what are the best rated sneakers for plantar fasciitis. And I can't let myself half ass that. So thanks for the patience...I'll be back soon. Until then. for shows. Or here for acoustic gigs.see you out there!BC